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3 Top Tips For Success With Christmas Corporate Gifts



If you have been in denial for the past couple of weeks, shouting at the TV when the Christmas ads come on and scowling at the stores who have up their decorations, November is nearly over and it’s time to get festive! If you are the workplace Grinch but need to organise Christmas corporate gifts for your company, it can be quite difficult to contemplate what things to buy before December comes about, but when searching for corporate gifts for the festive season it can often pay to shop early.

So with December nearly upon us it’s time for even the grumpiest of gifts buyers to start considering their choices, so what if your concerns be when buying Christmas Source SG Corporate GIfts Portal?

Among the main reasons for companies to get presents at Christmas would be to say thank you for their best customers. Even though this is important every year, it requires particular significance during tough financial times and is a exceptional chance to thank those who you do business with to their loyalty and continued custom.

What exactly should you consider when shopping for Christmas corporate gifts for clients? Even though there are no strict rules to follow, there are some guidelines which should be considered to create certain that your presents have the right effect.

Who To Buy For?

This should be your first consideration as it will impact everything from the budget to what presents you purchase. The general rule would be to split your clients into categories depending on how far they spend with you, giving higher quality presents to those whose custom things the most. If a client is spending a fantastic deal of money with you each year, receiving a promotional pencil will feel like something of a snub. Though nobody expects to get a present, if you are going to use them then make certain they are of a sufficient quality at which the receiver won’t be offended by it. In this scenario it would be better to not give a gift at all!

Make an inventory of your clients and arrangement it to reflect their annual spend with you, then allocate your present budget accordingly. There’ll always be exceptions to this principle, so make adjustments in which you see fit.

Can The Client Accept Your Gifts?

In recent decades, many industries have prohibited the use of corporate gifts to prevent any accusations of bribery, which generally impacts any business where you need to tender to the work. It is worth it to do a bit of research and be sure your planned recipients are allowed to accept corporate presents, otherwise you won’t just be wasting your money but could be jeopardising your connection with your customer.

Quality Over Quantity

While it’s nice to advertise your business throughout your Christmas corporate gifts, you need to attempt to walk the thin line between an excellent gift along with a promotional product. It’s nice to have your company logo on your gift, but choose grade Christmas corporate gifts that are not a complete promotional exercise. Your recipients will observe this and what may have been intended as a thank you present could be translated as a slice of spam marketing. It is completely possible to find gifts with a high perceived value even when you are on a budget. Consider how you would feel if your planned present landed on your desk and that will be a good guide to how your receiver will interpret your own gift. While it’s the idea that counts, your motives could be misconstrued if your presents are purely an exercise in advertising.


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