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California Wine Nation Honeymoons



Wine glasses

Northern California Wine glasses at Napa Valley and Sonoma County — a glorious drive an hour or so north of San Francisco — have drawn honeymoon couples, gourmets, wine-lovers, and many others having a taste for love as well as the fruit of this vine.

There is so much to see and do in California Wine Country, so many delightful places to remain in this part of California, you might initially feel overwhelmed by the surfeit of Wine Country options. Do not let this dissuade you — that is 1 destination northern California worth exploring — and taking time to do so.

Why Have a California Wine Country Honeymoon?

Envision a sun-dappled day outside. The both of you are in a winery, overlooking acres of blossoms bursting with taste in the California warmth. You increase your amazing glasses of wine, toasting your good fortune along with your new love. It is the California Wine Country experience — and it is a memory that lasts a life.

In accordance with Napa Valley Online,”The majority of small, family-owned wineries give tours only by appointment. These are the wineries that can be the most interesting, and that will give you a chance to actually talk with the winemaker herself (or himself).

“To go to these wineries, phone beforehand. Even though you might have the ability to establish an appointment the identical day, or another day if you are spending the night at the valley, then you are better off calling before you come to the valley”

Along with supplying tours, tastings, and hosting special occasions, some big and tiny wineries make their premises available for outside garden weddings. Check with individual properties for prices and availability.

To assist you get your bearings, take a peek at this illustrated map of California Wine Country. Another thing before you hit on the street: To increase your level of wine experience and increase the pleasure of your Wine Country excursion,you can get a copy of California Wines for Dummies.

Wine glasses

Sonoma County

Birthplace of the California wine business, 17-mile-long Sonoma Valley sits between two mountain ranges and is home to dozens of wineries in which tastings and tours are held every day. Sonoma’s town square is the Plaza, surrounded by historic adobe buildings, theatres, and restaurants. As a result of the hot springs, the region has attracted health-conscious visitors for at least a century. Nowadays it comprises several world-class hotels and spas.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley, which is composed of six cities (Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Yountville, and also town of Napa), likewise boasts outstanding wine manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, spas, and Wine Country scene.

Downtown Napa traffic walk from tasting space to tasting space with no vehicle. It is a grown-up variant of a pub crawl with complex flair. Additionally, it is a time saver in case your romantic escape to Napa Valley is restricted by time. You may not have to stroll through the wineries but you’ll be able to swirl more wine from the glass.

Russian River

Many of those 150 wineries in and about the Russian River Valley are modest, family-run surgeries. Many have tasting rooms as smart as the pub in an elegant restaurant, while others, people stand atop barrels and stainless steel drums, sampling wines which were poured by the winemaker himself.

The Russian River Valley is also famous for its devotion to artisanal cheeses and locally grown produce, which makes the area appealing to both wine and food aficionados.

Other Wine Country Activities

Before you begin believing, another winery! , organize to spend some time engaged in one of California wine country actions inclined to pleasure honeymoon couples:

Hike across the sea bluffs at Russian River and Napa Valley
Go kayaking or canoeing
Calistoga Spas – in which you can soak up to your necks in mineral-rich mud
Hot-Air Ballooning – soar over the Gorgeous northern landscape
Shopping – like eyeglasses, and accessories
Check out the Microbreweries
Treat yourselves to a romantic dinner

Tip for Tipplers

Unless you’ve got a designated driver, then prevent tasting wine and getting behind the wheel. Alternatives include staying in Downtown Napa to delight in tasting rooms hiring a limousine, even visiting wineries at a horse-drawn carriage. Wine tour shuttles are in prosperity and you may pick conveyances which vary from a personal car service into a jovial celebration bus.

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