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Cat Scratching Furniture – This is a Serious Problem and Expensive If You Don’t Stop It!



I am sure you know about cat scratching furniture, or maybe its the main wood work in your house, possibly the curtains or the door, or if your speakers, or it could be anything.

Don’t feel alone as this problem affects almost everybody that has a cat, especially cats of which don’t go outside. Indoor only cats need to reduce energy, without lots of play time and toys your moggie is going to get bored and feel like doing a little scratching.

As soon as cats go outside they usually find different things to nothing, like tree’s. That helps to save your house. Even though you let your cat go outside you may still have a problem if your cat finds something that is enjoyable to scratch inside your house.

If you let your cat go outside will help with this problem, unhealthy thing is the life expectancy of cats that go open air is usually cut in half or less. You have outside health conditions, predators and of coarse cars to deal with. Most cats out in the open end up with one of these taking their life earlier than if they have been only inside.

There are many things that you can do to control the scratching dilemma, most of them are easy if done correctly. You should know why cats scratch, also when and where your individual cat is most likely going to scratch.

You should also learn how to pick the most effective scratching post for your cat, and what to look for when looking at buying a scratching post. What materials are best and the volume and type that would most fit your cats patterns.

You should trim your cats nails about once a month, when using the right tool for the job is best. The clippers you choose for your nails will work for your cat, but not as well as it could seem.

Using the soft vinyl covers for your cats nails is definitely option you should also learn about and the pro’s and con’s working with them.

Different methods and tricks are used to get a cat to use the post, learning all of the most effective methods and knowing why these methods work will save you a lot of time with time and experience.

Having all the information possible will save you time teaching your kitty. The amount of damage will be less because the amount of time it takes to avoid the problem will be less. The quicker this problem is quit, the smaller amount of money its going to take to fix the damage with the scratching.

I was feed up with our house getting torn in place everyday and I desperately needed to find an answer. Sound familiar? Internet I found several people who were nice enough to give one or two free tips but really non-e of them worked the or our friends that tried the tips that I had found.

If the cats learned that we would get upset whenever we heard the scratching they were smart enough to do it when we were not all over or a lot of times it was happening at night when we were being sleeping.

I would get up in the morning and see a new door jamb all scratched up or a new tear in the back of the actual couch. One morning we woke up to find our highly-priced drapes laying on the floor with several pieces torn and a few small pieces missing.

This is a very expensive problem and very prevalent too so don’t feel alone! I’ll tell you while, you need to take care of this as soon as possible because the longer you wait the longer its going to take to get your cat to do the right element.

If you have a kitten you need to start teaching right away which means this problem really doesn’t develop into a full blown problem plus takes several weeks to stop.

From my experience and all of our families and friends any cat can be taught to only use the scratching submit if you use the correct methods and use them the right way. Its very important to do it right the first time!

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