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Cat Years – How Long Do Cats Really Live?



Typically the nagging question about cat years and how long cats genuinely live is a common one; we get attached to our pets all of us are curious about their world, how they perceive life, and also the long they will be around, it’s only natural.

To put out and about a very general number, the average cat lifespan is involving 10 and 16 years. Although, the oldest acknowledged cat was a lot older than just 16 (he passed on at 36, as the legend goes), so that number is simply a guideline, although it is fairly accurate. If you wanted to know about the reccommended life expectancy of your cat, there it is for you in white or black. However , with a little proper care we can all extend living of our cats to a fairly good degree too.

Below is another fun fact that people are almost always curious about, 1 people year equals roughly 7 human years, so if your own cat is 4 years old, they are roughly 28 throughout human years, in their prime so to speak. More important than all these cat factoids however is the fact that we can indeed extend typically the lifespan of our cats with some fairly simple common sense things.

To start with, did you realize that an indoor cat lives a lot longer when compared with an outdoor cat? It’s true, an indoor cat comes into to contact with much fewer threats (other animals, fleas, infection, diseases) than an outdoor cat. Now, if your cat is readily used to the outdoor it may be difficult to get them to change, nevertheless simply realize that this simple step does, in general, stretch life.

Also, spraying or neutering your cat statistically lengthens the life of that cat as well. This makes sense like they are sexually neutral they typically won’t put by themselves into compromising positions. It may seem cruel to some (and you could have the right to think that) but if extension of life is your current concern then spraying and neutering should be part of your own personal plan.

Taking care of your cat’s general health is the last portion of the plan. And this involves being aware of the illnesses (cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, kidney problems) cats will generally suffer while they get into old age, knowing about them and treating these people quickly could be the difference between an early death and a extended life.

Many people are finding that their cat’s bodies are a lot similar to their own, a cat needs good nutrition, exercise, and fresh water in order to function their best; a body which characteristics well just simply lives longer.

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