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Chocolate Diamonds Are Delicious!



There’s a recent fad crossing the diamond ringworld, which is sometimes a fad that enables recently engaging couples to save a great deal of money – as they may want to because they’re young and since in the time of this writing the market has taken a sharp downturn that looks like it will last for just a little bit longer – but , still be posh and not ever have to be concerned about any stigma about being “cheap”.

This tendency is your chocolate diamond. The phrase “chocolate diamond wedding ring” was coined by diamond retailer Le Vian in order to create a market for its brown diamonds. Brown/tan/cognac-colored/champagne-colored diamonds happen to be around, but they were always considered a breach of two of the four Cs: clarity and colour. This has made diamonds much maligned by gemologists and jewelers for centuries and they have been always regarded as low class.

But thanks to Le Vian’s very big marketing campaign, they are now widely known as Chocolate Diamonds and they have grown suddenly fashionable and the rage – not “low class”. In fact, chocolate diamonds are available adorning the fingers of many celebrities, and they’re a great stylistic fit in an era which has fallen in love with earth-tone clothing styles and “green” ideals that can be represented by the earthiness from the color of a gemstone bead.

One more thing, also, that favors the chocolate diamond is the increasing love affair with chocolate. Chocolate is an affordable “sinful” fun and as research has shown its particular health benefits people aren’t as worried about the sugar. Chocolate diamond rings signify this delicious awareness.

  • *White diamonds – it’s trendy to utilize chocolate-and-vanilla ice cream in your finger
    DecisionChocolate pearls – if you’ve got decadent tastes in food, then show it off
  • *Colored gemstones – to the Sort of person Who’s fond of Renaissance Faires and related things
  • *Turquoise – amazing comparison and earth-toned high fashion

Among different shades of chocolate diamonds, the cognac color is probably the favorite, but all of these sell well these days. There is a very large over-supply of these diamonds since a diamond mines produce them exclusively; yet, as mentioned, until they have been always considered low class and unsuitable for engagement rings. As a result, chocolate diamond rings can be found for a low cost compared to white diamonds, but there is now no stigma attached to them – you receive “budget bling”!

Le Vian is still the premier merchant of those diamonds, however other merchants have caught on, so that you can shop around and find a superb deal.

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