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Do You Need a Medical Examination for Gap Cover?



After you take out a policy that provides gap cover you don’t usually have to worry about the need for a medical examination. Most medical insurers are keen to sign up you up without having to wait a long time for a extensive examination and test results to come back. This is good news, when you don’t have to go the hassle of arranging for a check-up and you will then not be rejected due to ill health. However , if you do endure health problems you need to be honest about them, because otherwise you can get yourself liable for Aeromedical Examiner Europe costs that you thought would be covered for later down the line.

There may be an element of risk for providers of hole cover, because they don’t know exactly what they’re taking on. However , it can be good for business, since if you knew that you had to undergo a new medical examination, even though nothing appears to be wrong with you, you will be less inclined to take out gap cover. Thus, you commonly find that when looking at your options for gap cover, there will be not any demands for you to have a medical examination in order to take out a plan.

You need to be aware that there are some policies which exclude certain pre-existing conditions and impose a waiting period of a number of several months before you are able to claim back any costs. There may be different restrictions associated with your gap cover policy, which is one thing worth bearing in mind when looking at all the options open to you. How much insurance policy coverage you can expend and how long you will have to wait to claim is dependent upon your particular circumstances and what you intend to claim for. Thus, if you plan to claim for childbirth costs, there is usually a simply wait of 10 months before you can do so.

The main thing to note, nevertheless , is that you do not require a medical examination to obtain gap deal with. As long as you can keep up with payments and you don’t lie about the state of your health in order to gain coverage, you will find that your health costs will be covered. You may be tempted to lie concerning the state of your health to try to save yourself some money, but this could possibly backfire spectacularly if your lies are discovered, which they without doubt will be. You may ‘forget’ to mention that you have a pre-existing ailment, because you know that you don’t have to undergo a medical examination, although this isn’t a good idea.

Even though it may take time for your deception to be exposed, but insurers are always on the lookout for suspicious behavior and says. You may think that you’re going to get away with paying less to get greater coverage, but the chances are you will be found out. When this happens will probably be prosecuted and you will definitely find yourself having to cover the cost of your personal medical treatment, which may not be very convenient. Thus, just because you will possibly not need a medical examination for gap cover doesn’t necessarily mean you can lie about your medical history.

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