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Does Construction Estimating Software and Takeoff Software Do The Same Thing?



More and more people actually confuse construction estimating software with construction takeoff software. They are actually very different in many ways. When you speak about takeoff software, whether being performed with an electronic takeoff process or a digitizer takeoff system, you really are speaking about the volume of materials, predominantly taken off by area in square feet (or square meters), linear foot (or linear meters), or counting. Some folks actually call that process quantity takeoff. But in reality, you really are speaking of an automated measuring procedure. However , when you speak of construction estimating software, you really usually are speaking about the quantity of a material item, then applying a unit cost to that item to come up with an ESTIMATED cost of the item. As the cost is established, then a marked up price is determined to as the selling price. Some construction estimating software comes with an optional orthographic measuring takeoff component and some others do not.

The main reason why you must clarify the differences between construction construction software software and construction takeoff software, is that many people think that the takeoff applications are estimating software; which is absolutely NOT the case. One just methods orthographic views and the other uses a quantity (determined by means of manual/automated methods) and then calculates cost. Not all takeoff objects entails square feet (or square meters) or linear base (or linear meters). For instance, you may have an area but ought to convert you a different unit of measure (UOM) including cubic yards, or pallets, boxes, or some other UOM. So when you are thinking about measuring, there are many different other components that need to be considered before a selling price can be determined.

Many times, there are small contractors that perform specific types of work with a very small or even tightly defined scope of work. They actually apply a new selling (retail) price (not cost) to a quantity takeoff item since they may have (usually not) some historical selling prices of past performance to support that unit retail value. For instance, a good example would be a residential painter, drywall, or hardwood contractor. However , today those type of contractors with excellent historical cost data are extremely rare today, in any facet of construction. Most use a trial by error method in addition to hope that the negatives don’t exceed the positive for job opportunities they perform and that is a huge financial risk.

So as you will observe, there is a real need to clearly define the difference between building estimating software with construction quantity takeoff software. Your next Super Important step for any type of contractor in the world of design is to focus their internal estimating processes. Those structure estimating processes need to define cost on material along with the cost of labor. You can get to a retail price only once your personal COST is first determined.

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