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Early Symptoms of Schizophrenia – A Look Back



The item usually takes at least half a year of symptoms – a characteristic pattern of thoughts and behaviors, before psychiatrists will diagnose someone with the mental illness schizophrenia, in addition to oftentimes the period of untreated psychosis lasts much longer. Once the diagnosis has been made, the individual with schizophrenia and his or your girlfriend family members can sometimes look back and describe the first symptoms this presented themselves as the individual became ill. These early or pre-illness symptoms are collectively called the prodrome.

Often the prodrome is the lead up to the development of the first psychotic occurrence of schizophrenia, and, unfortunately, it is so nonspecific so it cannot currently be used to accurately predict whether schizophrenia will ultimately develop. Looking back, family members most often survey having observed changes in personality such as their relative turning out to be social isolated and withdrawn. Deterioration of functioning in the office or school is often reported, as are attenuated schizophrenic indicators such as hearing the wind talk to oneself (attenuated auditory hallucinations) or increased suspiciousness of others (attenuated paranoid delusions).

As I prepare today for an upcoming talk, I can’t guide but think back to my prodromal phase. Perhaps if there were more awareness of mental health issues and better rapport efforts, my illness would have been caught early on i wouldn’t have had to endure such a long period (about three years) of untreated psychosis. Be that as it may, in energy to help others I will briefly describe my prodromal level.

I attended high school in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, graduated at the top of my class with a 4. 0 GPA, and then headed west to study at the California Institute connected with Technology (Caltech). I had done well in school during my junior year, but by the time my sophomore year approached My partner and i no longer had the intense drive and motivation to do my course work. By the end of my sophomore year, I was still driving my classes but was putting little effort in them. During the following summer, I secured a Summer months Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) at Caltech doing pasadena mental health friendly research on chromium in ground water. It was a superb opportunity to distinguish myself in the lab; however , I appeared doing half-hearted lab work. At the end of the summer I was purported to write a report and present my findings. I made the report in late and never showed to present my do the job. I noticed this increased laziness at the time, but I linked it to being slightly unhappy at Caltech.

Additionally , during this summer I moved to an off-campus apartment plus reduced my social interaction with friends. Over the course of this summer, I started noticing that my neighbor frequently was in his doorway when I came and went from my apartment. At first I thought it simply odd, but over the summer months I started to believe he was monitoring me. I decided not to know why he would do this, but I thought perhaps he was some sort of pervert. I also started becoming fearful that bande of thugs were following me when I would wander the streets of Pasadena (a very safe suburb of Los Angeles), and so I started carrying with me the pocket knife and pepper spray that attached to the keychain.

All in all, these changes in my personality and actions would not amount to a diagnosis, even if there had been some sort of earlier intervention; they were non-specific changes that could signify many things (or nothing at all). Only in looking back am i allowed to properly say they were part of my prodrome. To conclude in that case, I can best describe my prodromal experience by jotting that I didn’t want to do anything anymore. I just quietly and even subtly dropped out of life.

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