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Fostoria Glass – Always Collectible



Fostoria glass was produced in Fostoria, Ohio and made from 1887 to 1891 in Ohio. The company produced many patterns of glass such as Atlanta, American, Brocade, Heirloom, and at least 40+ additional layouts. The glass firm moved to West Virginia and has been sold in 1983 to the Lancaster Colony Corporation. The Lancaster Company closed three decades later. L.E. Smith Glass Company owns the molds for its “American” pattern made by Fostoria. The American pattern is considered to be among the most gathered Stained glass patterns ever.

Fostoria glass made many kinds of glass to use as elegant glassware, cake plates, bowls, cups and saucers, pitchers, candle lamps and lots of others. The crystal clear version of the glass is the most usual. Colored stemware and dinnerware is the most collectible glass and highly desired by collectors.

Costs of Fostoria differ from pattern to design and also the usefulness of this glass. I will provide you a huge selection of values. Colored glass candy jars publication values vary from $40.00 to $100.00. This is just a sampling of values. Again this is a selection of novel values that are rather often inflated. Consistently research thoroughly all on line auctions and sales and compare values of any given piece of glass before you make your purchase.

Along with exploring values, beware of reproductions. Fostoria produced sturdy glassware with good weight. Rich detailed etchings are seen on several pieces of this collectible glass. Again, always research thoroughly to ensure you are purchasing true Fostoria. Antique dealers and stores provide a plethora of information on almost any classic, and of course glassware. Visit local stores, walk through the shop and visit booths where you visit glass. Each item ought to be identified on the label as to the company who made the glass and frequently the pattern name and of course cost. Visit the checkout counter and ask them who in their store can they talk with who may can share with you their understanding of glassware.

Where can you locate classic glass such as Fostoria? Visit local antique and vintage stores, local thrift and donation stores. Estate sales whether being held by an estate sale company or people, are always a fantastic place to search. Neighborhood yard or garage sales are another route to search for collectible glass.

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