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Getting SLR Camera Repair Work Done



If you ever bought a simple point and shoot or a digital camera which can be fairly new, the first thing that should be done is to send the item to the company that you bought it from, as part of their program. If you bought a Nikon camera for example , you should be sending them to Nikon USA. Just by looking at the website of the camera’s manufacturer you will find the phone number and address of the nearest mend facility. SLR camera repair might be a bit harder if you’re never from USA, but from a third world country. Still, a person always has the option of sending the camera body together with your credit card selection to a company that repairs digital cameras.

If the camera you desire to Sony repair is an older 35mm model that has some kind of afectivo value, then the $200 you might spend to repair it can be of great benefit. In this case, send it back to the manufacturer, Pentax, Nikon, whichever company they might be. Now, in some cases, if the camera is way too good old, they might reply that they don’t have the needed parts any further. Something like that can happen with a 20 year old camera by way of example. If this happens, you can contact a shop that is independent and ask it to take parts from other similar cameras that aren’t doing the job anymore, using them to repair your camera. In some cases you can even generate of those parts from scratch. One shop that I found it all capable of tasks like this is New York City Professional Camera Mechanic shop.

If your cameras is a Hasselblad, then you might have some success if you send it again to Ghitelman Gil. He has his own repair guy pertaining to Hasselblad cameras.

If you live in New England, then you should evaluate talking with Steve Grimes 401-762-0857, or check out his particular site, at skgrimes. com. He uses custom machining to solve a number of problems, together with shutter repairs of the large format, mounting lenses and many others.

Unfortunately I don’t have record with the best camera repair shops from each state. As a substitute, you could use a local neighborhood service to get the advice you need or simply ask your local camera shops for advice. If you however can’t find the tips you need, consider buying a new video camera instead of doing SLR camera repair.

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