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How Panic Alarms Can Be A Woman’s Best Friend



There was a true story recently about a woman who just came out of a shopping mall and was headed for her car to place her bundles away and go home. Panhandling is prohibited in a lot of places, but mall parking lots is not among them apparently.

She turned about and saw a disheveled man heading her way. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and her instincts told her that she was in imminent danger. She already had her keys in her hands and attached to her key ring was a 2-inch long device that when triggered, sounded 120 dB alarm.

She advised the man to back and in the exact same time triggered her private alarm. The guy instantly left the scene and passersby which were over 100 yards away at the moment, came to her help to see if she was fine.

That is what fear alarms as some call them personal protection alarms do. They frighten away assailants (or even possible assailants) and draw attention to your situation should you feel endangered.

Personal safety alarms and Best Panic Alarm are small hand-held apparatus which make an ear-shattering noise when triggered. They are battery-operated and are often triggered by the press of one button. They can emit a sound as loud as 130 decibels, that is the loudest legally permissible.

One personal security alarm made by Mace brand seems like a boat horn using compressed gas. Another one is an electronic whistle that when triggered makes the shrill sound of a whistle that may be heard from up to a quarter of a mile off with a 120 decibel sound.

Stress alarms and personal protection alarms are a woman’s best friend since they’re an inexpensive way for her to defend herself in the event of an attack. Assailants do not like attention. That is why most of their attacks are done in dark, secluded places.

A personal safety alarm could supply a nonlethal way for women to shield themselves. They’re one of many self-defense products which supply a nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun. They’re inexpensive and simple to use but most of all, they are good at providing personal protection and personal safety especially for women.

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