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How to Choose the Right Razor Blades



This really is a question whose response is highly dependent on the hair which has been shaved and the gear which is being used to shave it! Some people today find that a certain brand of blade will last them for 5 shaves, and a few will discover that the exact same blade may last for 20 shaves.

So, why the huge difference? Quite simply, the variable factor is the strength of their hair which the blade is being requested to cut, the analogy of human hair becoming as strong as steel wire of the same thickness is accurate.

A generalization is that dark hair is normally thicker than fair hair; additionally, hair on legs is usually finer than hair inside the beard region.

Razor design – it is a “tech” thing!

Manufacturers very cleverly layout their blades with characteristics that help the cutting procedure and it costs them a lot – Gillette were rumoured to have spent over $1 Billion on developing their Mach 3 razor. The original razors were “cut-throat” straight razors that relied upon pure sharpness to cut that pesky rough hair. As technology improved, the safety razor was designed which protected the skin as the beard was shaved.

Razor blades became sprinkled with cartridges to stop “nicks”, using “microfins” to help lift the hair and a lubricating strip has been also designed to help the smooth glide process. The lubricating strip additionally became a useful indicator as to if a new blade should be used. As the colour pops on the lubricating strip, the consideration should be given to altering the blade. The colour on the lubricating strip should just be utilized as a guide to when the blade needs altering, remember, some blokes have hair that is a lot finer than others so even though the strip has lost its color there may still be life in these blades.

Here’s a good suggestion, washing the blade under flow of fast running warm water, often, will lengthen the life of a blade.

Blunt blades = debilitating problems!

When you shave with a blunt blade, the difficulties will begin. It’s not difficult to tell if you’re shaving against the grain, run your fingers across your beard, in 1 direction, your beard will feel rough, in the contrary way, it will feel smoother.

Though shaving against the grain creates a smoother shave, but in addition, it irritates your skin a whole lot more. This softens bristles making them simpler to cut; it can also prolong the life of the blade. If you can, shave after having a shower, or even, why don’t you try having a flannel with hot (but not too sexy!) Water and soak those whiskers.

Use a good quality shaving gel or oil. The days of just using a generic “foam in a can” have gone, thank goodness, since the foams tend to dry out skin badly. Try using a modern shaving gel for example King of Shaves AlphaGel, or even the AlphOil, the shave is so much smoother without a dryness afterwards. Another suggestion, King of Shaves AlphaOil could be taken as hand luggage on struggles so no need to test on your bags for a brief trip.

If you are shaving with the grain, have wet your hair nicely, are using a good quality gel or oil, and you’re still getting razor burn, then the likelihood is that your blade requires altering. After you understood how long your blades last, change them regularly and you will avoid the dreaded razor burn.

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