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How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business



To have their own affiliate marketing business is the dream of most men and women, from all walks of life, both old and young. Individuals who dream of owning their own company, frequently dream that enchanting, lovely and tantalising fantasy, the dream of becoming their own boss: the fantasy of becoming financially independent is indeed very real for them. The lavish fantasy of never having to live from paycheck to paycheck, no more. The, nearly real, fantasy of never having to get up every morning, in some unearthly hour for five or five days weekly. Unfortunately, in fact, it’ll always remain a dream unless individuals do it.

A lot of individuals simply dream about not needing to go in to work and confront their supervisor, whom they just plain do not like: and, their regular routine. Their routine is generally the exact same old comfortable, soul destroying, soul crushing, regular; that, based on where on earth you reside, is at its worst during the wintertime. It is the dreaded routine of having to wake up in the morning, although it is still dark: afterward, once you get home through the night, finding it is still dim again. That is the routine that gradually wears down you; also, gradually but surely, kills individuals through recent years.

Unfortunately for many people, who do not have some other possibilities, this can be the very fact of the daily life, and it always will be till they take actions, and change that regular. That soul draining, life sucking, mind numbing, regular routine which destroys their joy; and, occasionally, their own soul. Their routine of waking up, getting out of bed and taking a shower, instead of ingesting a hurried breakfast, then gulping down a fast cup of java; then exercising, possibly, in the snow or rain, into the dreaded daily life, of an hour or even more at heavy traffic.

Ask yourself whether your routine of coming at your ‘j.o.b’; also, for another eight hours, then being at the beck and call your supervisor, is what you would like to pay for? This, for five or six days, each per week; and for, possibly, another twenty or five years: to the remainder of your lifetime, until you perish? I ask this because there’s a much more appealing, and much, much, more rewarding alternative: however, if you don’t do some thing about it, and do it, nothing will change!

Considering that the aforementioned harsh truths, it is no surprise that all these individuals’ minds yearn for the freedom that owning their own online business can give them.

Yes, there are some people who will hesitate, and start thinking about the responsibilities of owning their own business. About how they would be able to manage to do all of the different jobs that owning their own business will bring with it? I know that scares the living daylights out of a lot of timid people! There are some people who lack the courage, and tend to shy away from, even the very thought of, owning their own businesses: mostly because of all the different skills that are needed!

Those fears are ungrounded, kick them out, they should not be allowed to stop you owning your own business. The chief culprit responsible for those fears is the past mind conditioning that all of us have experienced, for most of our past lives. To give you an example of this, let’s say that, if I asked you this question, ‘Can you can complete this well known old expression?’ , “If you need something , ‘di dah de dah di dah’.” I’ll bet that you would very likely be able to give me the correct answer; because, as most of us know, we’ve been taught that the final words of this sentence are “do it yourself”.

This saying was credited to one Charles-Guillaume Etienne, who was a 19th Century French writer. Since then, it’s been passed on, over and over again; ad nauseum, by well-meaning parents, coaches, gurus and anyone else in the world who teaches self-reliance. For over two hundred years it has been gobbled up, without a second thought, and passed on by their disciples: also by their children, their followers and their minions. We’ve all been mind-conditioned into accepting as being the truth, the old saying that, “If you need something you need to do yourself.”

At best, this is suspect advice because, when you think about that saying, it’s probably one of the worst pieces of advice to ever have become a universal clich√©. Not least because, unless you’re an absolutely superb expert at that particular, “something”, that you need doing, how can you be sure that you are going to have the necessary skills that will enable you to “do it right”, when you try to do it yourself?

Most human beings are highly proficient at only a handful of skills. So, for 99.999% of those “somethings”, you need doing is not it better to find somebody else to do it to you personally? Somebody who actually is exceptionally qualified, and incredibly gifted, at whatever it’s that you want performing: and, undoubtedly, to not continue slaving away, attempting to doing this yourself.

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