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Instagram Marketing Tips



Instagram is a societal networking stride with more than three-hundred (300) million monthly users. It still enjoys yearly double-digit active user growth, and in 2013, climbed over Reddit, Pinterest and Twitter combined. Facebook — its parent company since April 2012, actually lost users in 2013.

Why should Instagram be of interest to Internet marketers?

Simply put, it’s a powerful mobile sharing (photos, videos) social networking service that lets users take photos and brief videos (15 second maximum), then share them on additional social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Younger generations are arguably moving from verbal communication, along with the overall population also appears enamored with social networking.

Here are some fundamental ganhar seguidores Instagram marketing tips:

1. Customize Content for Your Intended Audience

As a primarily visual medium, Instagram can match your Facebook marketingand Twitter promotion strategies. In addition to shareability, think about how photographs and stunning images can bring in visitors and attract them into your sales funnel. Take a look at what the world’s most popular brands do to optimize their Instagram space.

Don’t forget to utilize filters. Pictures ‘on the fly’ frequently appear mediocre on first sight. That is why Instagram’s filtering technology lets you transform your images into great-looking snapshots.

Direct People For Your Link Wisely

Instagram does not allow hyperlinking in photo captions (non-clickable) or comments, but you can set a link (150 characters max) on your bio section.

Most marketers use this feature to connect back to their own business home page, or the landing page of their existing advertising effort.

You can opt to superimpose a URL across an image, but it is probably better to direct traffic to a bio’s clickable link.

3. Limit Text Descriptions and Messages to the Bare Essentials
Instagram doesn’t impose a character limit your articles like Twitter.

However, it’s in your interest to let the pictures do the majority of the talking. Besides, since briefer Facebook and Twitter messages draw more visitors and interaction, your Instagram audience is not likely to buck that trend.

That having been said, meaningful captions can offer additional insight and boost your participation and conversion rate.

4. Maximize Engagement Opportunities

Experiment with hashtags. Choosing the right hashtags isn’t an specific science, so consider what others in your niche are using and consult prolific bloggers who often provide interesting word options.

Accept follow requests and follow people who exhibit attractive photos and teaching points for your own marketing efforts. Do not neglect to inform individuals on your website and newsletters that you’re on Instagram! Add Instagram ‘Follow’ buttons, or occasionally send reminders to readers that you provide content there.

5. Consistently Test and Track

In social networking, trends and tendencies can appear and disappear on a dime, so keep your eyes and ears open for Instagram inventions and policy changes. By testing out new options, your performance efficiency can improve and get noticed by more visitors.

As with other mainstream media websites, Instagram offers analytic tools which assist you with performance tracking.

Use the results to make adjustments to the photographs and images you post. Factors to be considered include:

  • The very best times to post Instagram photos
  • The appropriate frequency for your articles
  • The success rate of Unique hashtags
  • The best captions and best activity words in captions
  • Call-to-action (CTA) conversion speeds of different campaigns


Instagram is among the chief flag bearers for its modern, mobile, visual Internet. You can download for free from Apple’s App Store or purchase it in Google Play. ‘Capture and Share’ is bound to develop into the social networking catch phrase of selection. In fact, multiple stage sharing is a fantastic business innovation, thanks in no small part to a fast, efficient uploading encounter that turns beginners into experts.

If you are considering Instagram then you will want to check out each of our social media marketing posts which cover popular topics like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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