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Mutsy 4 Rider Light Baby Stroller – Is it Worth Buying?



The Mutsy 4 Rider is a very versatile pushchair that, if purchased with the crucial kits, can be a stroller, pram, and bewertungen kaufen. However, is it a suitable pushchair for youpersonally? I have tested it and here is my verdict!


Among those things that is really amazing about the Mutsy is it’s really easy to push and manoeuvre, so it is great to use while you are in town. Due to the rear pneumatic wheels and lockable swivel wheels in the front, it is great on rural places, also. Some users frequently said they are easily able to push and steer this Mutsy with a single hand. Additionally, it works well on staircase in actuality, it’s among the simplest pushchairs to pull/push when moving up/down stairs, which makes it ideal for people who reside in apartments.

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A frequent issue for tall individuals is that lots of pushchair versions appear to have been created for shorter individuals just. If that is the opinion, you will be pleased to know the 4 Rider was designed with tall individuals in mind. The Mutsy’s foam-covered handles correct from 93 to 114 cm in one click of a button rather useful when there’s a large difference between your height and your spouse’s, which makes the 4 Rider simple to push either of you.

The storage basket is very spacious and easy to achieve and will stay available even when the seat is at full recline position.

For your relaxation, the cloth is quite simple to clean with a moist sponge, unlike any pushchair cloths that blot horribly. The stroller is easy to fold and unfold, and it is self locking and free standing when folded.

It has got a reversible chair, and it is acceptable for newborns since the chair can lay almost entirely horizontal, but as we mentioned before you are able to join the Mutsy carry cot into the staircase and there that you have a pram. Parents we spoke to adore with the carry cot with a fitting Mutsy footmuff!

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The folded dimensions of this Mutsy 4 Rider Light is 35 x 66 x 109 cm that’s quite bulky. It may fit in the boot of a moderate sized car, but leaving not much space for anything else.

Additionally, it is rather embarrassing to lift since it is comparatively heavy (31 pounds ), but of course that depends upon a individual’s fitness. Some parents find it fairly hefty while others love its own weight since it offers the pushchair a stronger handling.

Last, the seat recline is somewhat fiddly to correct if you use just 1 hand, so once you don’t have both hands free, (that is frequently the case particularly in the event that you’ve got more than 1 kid ) you might come across this somewhat inconvenient.


The Mutsy 4 Rider Light is a superb selection for fashion-conscious parents trying to find a pushchair that embodies both functionality and looks, both layout and practicality. Its extreme flexibility, the caliber of the relaxation it brings, and also its top notch functionality on demanding terrains make it a fantastic Best Buy Travel System.

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