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Positive Change in the Management Will Change the Organization Positively



Supervision was considered a skill and art. People said chiefs are born. Then people said leaders could be stimulated. Now people say that leaders could be trained. It is legitimate that we could be trained and taught to become leaders. Operations is a leadership skill. The best leadership ever is the direction by example. If the example is right then the understanding shall be full. If the example is not right then the understanding is definately not right.

Companies and organizations have managers and supervision levels. Smaller companies might have only one level of management plus there might be only one individual as a manager. Larger corporations will vary levels of management. There might be junior managers who directly finish base level employees. There might be middle managers who share data between the junior managers and the senior managers. There might be increased management team which would be at the top of the organizational shape.

If an organization is established to be bigger, the management could possibly have been planned and structured beforehand. Most organizations which have been worldwide and famous now, were not planned to be in addition to being they were initiated. If you take any of the gigantic businesses, corporate providers or organizations, most of them were not meant to be grown into world-wide entities. In fact , some of the current successful and worldwide enterprises were opened up for fun. We can consider the United Nations Organization among the very few organizations which were meant to be worldwide as they were well-known.

The change becomes necessary when the organization transforms from a small crowd having fun to a larger entity of importance in the society. As soon as Facebook was launched, it consisted of only one manager; the inventor himself. Now it has over 10, 000 employees with assorted levels of management. Google was started with two people. These days it has more than 57, 000 employees worldwide. This is the adjust that takes place when a company or organization grows.

Most of companies had to face the issue of transforming from a lesser stage to a bigger stage. Once they transform, the establishments which changed their structure of management accordingly was able to survive. The management of whichever organization was resistance against change had to pay the price of losing the organization. If an investigation is done on the organizations, companies or corporate businesses of closed or sold, then the management would be held responsible pertaining to ending up in such situations.

The most effective mode of management will be to lead by example. A military is a controlled procedure that runs by orders. One of the most important aspects during the military is that the leader who is giving an order also performs that order. For example if a soldier is required to wear your uniform, then the chief of the battalion is required the same. In cases where a soldier is required to carry out training exercises, the commander becomes necessary too. In other words, militaries are successful organizations not because of the leaders or managers have much authority but as they lead by example.

As a simple fact, if a manager retains his table clean all the time, he can ask his subordinates to keep their table clean. There will be no opposition. Because subordinates know that their manager always keeps his stand clean, they will have no excuse or reason to give them. The leader gets his authority through his example habit and not through shouting at people.

Since management is basically leadership, it should lead by example. The duty of higher operations is to make sure that there are example leaders in the middle management. The middle management consists of the most sensitive links with most critical positions. The center management of any organization is the bridge between the staff and the managing force. If the bridge is not right, next the journey wouldn’t be fulfilled.

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