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Samsung Galaxy S4 – The New Star In The Galaxy!



Samsung! Ask any mobile phone specialist about the marketplace with no Samsung and you’d get a clod look. Quite frankly, the South Korean maker has had a far-reaching effect not just on the fringe players but also on the large brands by forcing them to think and rethink their product and positioning strategies.

Samsung’s blitz Krieg of Marketing and product launches took everybody by surprise few decades back. Before many realized, Samsung had firmly placed its grip on the Smart Phone market. If most industry reports are to be considered and followed, Apple is in for a difficult fight because of Samsung upcoming phones while HTC, Sony, Nokia and even the great Blackberry are trying to catch-up with a number of the major ground they’ve lost to Samsung.

Though most would find it hard to distinguish between the Galaxy S3 and S4, the S4 is certainly and innovative variant of the S3 and has a lot to offer to its expanding consumer base. The 1 change that most people were expecting and were frustrated was in the entire body of Galaxy S4. The plastic-like appearance of the Galaxy S3 walks in rebranded with the Galaxy S4.

The full HD AMOLED screen is quickly becoming a touch mark for Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 functions to the advantage of the consumer with enhanced looks and screen resolution. The body is smaller and thinner as compared to the Galaxy S3. At 5 inches that the phone has a longer display surface when compared with its competitors like the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. however; the resolution barely gets twisted thanks to the pan-viewing angle of the device.

The 1.6 GHz chip with a 2 GB RAM is a decent combination. Samsung is great at packaging small innovations with high impact on the consumers. Together with the Galaxy S4, the new Smart Stay technology claims to ad an intuitive feel to consumer experience. It tracks the eyeball motion of the user and pause the videos on gaze.

The internet browsing experience is taken into a completely different level. A 13 MPa rare camera functions nicely to its favour but the front camera is a disappointment. The inner and external memory is not a cause of concern at any of those high end smart phones, and Galaxy S4 isn’t an exception to exactly the exact same.

Samsung has invested heavily in the marketing campaigns and strongly favoured a guerrilla marketing plan for most of its own launches. Having set the benchmark quite high with the galaxy S3, the galaxy S4’s pre-launch hype certainly created a great deal of expectancy around the seemingly feature-rich phone. But, what eventually turned out was a (comparatively) gloomy series from a phone that was set to revolutionize the smart phone market and push the fringe elements of Sony, LG and HTC from this contest. Instead, Galaxy S4 has given them a chance to come back and hit Samsung difficult by making a dent in its market share.

Samsung is quick to learn from its errors. It certainly would have sensed the mood after the galaxy S4’s launch. Together with the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z rapping hard on their doors, Blackberry gearing up with Z10 and Q10, Samsung’s investments in R&D will have to be ramped up and complemented with intelligent product attributes. A long standing complaint regarding the’plastic-feel’ in Samsung Galaxy series has to be addressed in its next edition. Especially with the opponents edging up them.

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