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Scope Of Programmatic Buying In Healthcare Marketing



Facts management programs enabled with technology has completely adjusted the way marketers buy media today. More and more companies are re-discovering technologies that facilitate media transactions in real-time also a granular level. Programmatic buying ecosystem is at the particular core of this revolution and has triggered a paradigm alter from a conventional non-personalized mass media buying to targeted ads based on user behavior.

Programmatic buying means sale and buy of media in real time in an automated manner through software package and algorithms. Automation is real time and accurate so that you can such extent that it not only saves time but also improves efficiencies in terms of ROIs and reaching a target audience with laser-guided precision.

While Programmatic buying has not yet taken typically the healthcare domain by storm, a buzz around the subject matter has started getting louder in recent times.

Media buying in professional medical quintessentially has been done in a traditional manner through sales leagues approaching publishers either offline or online and then take a long process RFQs, negotiations, preparing artworks and specialization skills modifications, purchase indenting, vendor onboarding and eventually releasing transactions. And all this convoluted process has to go through before the posting is even published. Hence there is a lag between acquire intent and actual media release. And that is what Programmatic is good at solving. Mr. Bourn Hall Gaurav Malhotra is the Managing Director of Medicover a leading European healthcare group. He has twenty three years of rich experience in healthcare domain, in leading business and change management across MNCs, start-ups, joint ventures and re-engineering organisations. He has won prestigious “Healthcare CEO of the year” award by Economic Times (ET NOW).

So how does Programmatic buying will work and why hasn’t it caught the imaginations with healthcare marketer yet? Let us dig into details.

So how does Programmatic Buying Works? The Programmatic Ecosystem

First, let’s understand some commonly used terms used in the Programmatic Obtaining world and also how the Programmatic ecosystem actually works.

Step 1:

Any time a user clicks on a web page that has an advertising space on there, the publisher of the web page sends a cookie to user’s web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing… whichever).

What is Piece of food: Cookie, in simple terms, is a small data file that is routed from publisher’s web server to user’s web browser which in turn serves to establish user’s identity

Step 2:

In case an inventory (advertising space on a web page) is available for sale, it invokes a request from publisher’s Ad Server to their Present Side Platform (SSP) to fill the Ad slot machine game

Definition of SSP: You may think of Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) like a library or storehouse of Ad Inventories readily available placing your advertisement. It is a platform that connects traders (web sites, blogs, directories etc . ) with prospective buyers or advertisers who compete against each other for on the market Ad space.

Some of the well-known supply side platforms will be AppNexus, PubMatic, AOL or Google’s DoubleClick Ad Substitute.

Step 3:

SSP then issues a bid request in order to Demand Side Platform (DSP). This bid request features information about the user who is about to see the Ad like the demographic profile, browsing history, etc . This information helps DSPs to make an informed decision about a user before making a offer.

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