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Self-Prescription – A Review of Drs.



Through a succession of exercises and chapters, the Nozeks walk viewers through how to improve their lives in a lot of ways, and it boils down to listening to what they predict “your inner physician,” that may be translated as instinct or an internal knowing of what is right for you. Not everybody is the same, so not everybody will discover that eating the same foods will make you fitter or that pursuing exactly the exact same kind of career will make you successful. However, with the tips that the Nozeks provide in this publication, you can determine what you can do to make a better life for yourself.

Trusting Your Inner Physician takes a holistic approach to pleasure by inviting the reader to check at all aspects of her or his life and find equilibrium among them. As retired chiropractors who also operated the Lifeline Center for Holistic Health at New Jersey and are leaders at Isagenix International, a wellness product that they’ve discovered to have amazing results, the Nozeks feel that keeping your bodily health is a priority, but they also realize that bodily health isn’t only about nutrition and exercise; it should also encompass your emotional and psychological wellness.

Just like most people, the Nozeks have had their own battles. They’ve experienced the pros and cons of operating a business and raising a family, together with personal struggles. Ina is quite forthright about her struggles with her weight, and Glenn and Ina struggled with quitting smoking-a habit they understood that, especially as potential health specialists, they needed to break, hard as it had been. In short, they are human, which makes them able to link to the rest of us, and their heat and desire to assist others shines through in these pages.

The difficulty most people have in making sensible and lasting changes in their lives is knowing where to start. The Nozeks tackle that issue early in the book by talking about the importance of believing in yourself. It’s usually our anxieties and self-doubts that hold us back from pursuing our dreams and achievement. The Nozeks share their private tales of how others and they learned to consider themselves. One issue in these early chapters that I thought was particularly effective was looking at the “Ladder of Commitment.”

Another powerful thing talks about the necessity to distinguish ourselves out of negativity. I agree with the Nozeks in their advocating for not watching the news since virtually all of it’s irrelevant to our lives anyway, and most of it is compelled to stir up anxiety in people. We will need to distinguish ourselves from everything that causes us fear and nervousness or gets us self-doubting, including that which we read, see, and listen to and the poisonous people around us.

Building on her own experiences, she teaches us how to make our very own affirmations to develop a mindset that’s ready to attain whatever we decide to concentrate on.

After we have worked through dividing our true, strong, and passionate selves from what keeps us in life, we are then prepared to find out our “why.” The exercises after each chapter are especially helpful for figuring out what we really need in life and also for generating steps to work toward attaining it. The Nozeks direct us in how to learn to become truthful with ourselves about what we want so we don’t give up or undermine our dreams or our integrity.

Other chapters are focused on more traditional health matters, but these chapters are relevant to trusting in your inner physician. The Nozeks make the point that we are biochemically different, so while it is important for all of us to consume healthy foods, we also ought to look closely at how our bodies react to various foods. And only as we need to distinguish ourselves from negative and toxic people in our lives, we need to separate our bodies from the toxins in our foods and in our environment. One chapter of the book is devoted to the subject of cleansing-how to go about finding a trusted product to utilize, and the benefits to be attained. Another chapter is dedicated to stress management.

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