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I often get questions regarding nutrition during racing and training. Which sports beverage or bar gives you the very best advantage in competition? The truth be known is that sports drinks and bars are heavy on the hype and fairly light on the delivery of what they promise. In fact most sports bars are little more than candy bars packaged differently.

If you should watch most sports beverage and sports pub adds you’d most definitely believe it is your brand of sport drink/bar that makes the difference. Even if you should read out most literature out there you’d find that particular brands of sport drinks/bars are critical to your success. But after taking a closer look at who is doing so study the interpretation of these results become quite suspect. After all, most cigarette companies research back in the day found cigarettes to actually be beneficial to your health. Why not? They were selling smokes, right? So you have to look in today’s current research that’s supported by large sport beverage companies with the same skepticism. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case. This just is not the case.

You’re much better off carrying along a useful banana or slice of dried fruit on this next long brick or bike workout. You will be a whole lot better off than sucking down large quantities of processed sugars and artificial flavors. Granted, a few sports bars and drinks are more healthful than others but you will be hard pushed to find much study that supports the idea of eating natural foods over mixes and pubs. Allowed the mixes and bars are easier to carry and easier to absorb into your system yet this is because you have become use to using these as in this way. If you trained with dried fruit then you likely would just as easily discover that as easy as a gel or sports pub.

One final reason to think about natural whole foods as your major energy source during your workouts lasting more than an hour is the money factor. If you price your sport beverage mixes and bars they’ll soon burn a hole in your wallet.

So go the natural route with your nourishment even while training. Do not buy into the hype on the market that is basically designed to promise something for a price but then not actually deliver. That goes for you recovery drink mixes too. Better to simply earn a fruit smoothy and toss in some sugar if you need to for your recovery drink. It tastes better, is substantially cheaper, and is your best recovery drink you can purchase. Get more Brisbane information

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