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The Perfect Michelada Recipe



Perhaps this weekend you are setting aside the French toast or pancakes and indulging in Huevos Rancheros or even Chiliquiles in honor of Cinco de Maya. Or maybe as spring sets and the wind blows off a little warmer you are imagining yourself somewhere beachside? In any event you might want to reconsider your brunch drink of choice and attempt a Michelada. You may have heard of these before, but you might not understand what one is?

South of the border some would consider it to be superior to the Bloody Mary, while being a true variation. Like at a bloody Mary the tomato juice functions as the mixer, truly blending well with the carbonation of the beer, the acidity of the lime and the brine mixers of this salt. Not to mention, tomatoes naturally lend themselves kindly to the introduction of heat of any type which makes it not merely a beer cocktail, but one which is balanced with all the basic elements: sour, hot and savory.

Some think the title Michelada comes from the Mexican slang term, “Mi chela helada” which translates into “my cold beer.” Regardless of the title’s origin it can be rest assured that, should you venture to our southern neighbor, you may see Micheladas under most beachside cabanas and in the hands of locals. Different parts of Mexico will prepare the drink differently, each area having their own version of the classic. Some will simply be lime and salt. Make sure that you ask how your particular pub prepares the beverage when you place your order.

Such as the Bloody Mary, along with the Red Eye (comprising beer, tomato juice as well as an egg,) that the Michelada is notorious for lessening the symptoms of a hangover. Even though it might not be a fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t believe in its own hair-of-the-dog-like skills. Despite its morning rescues, the Michelada makes looks all day when you are seeing Mexico, since it is just as yummy in the afternoon with a good torta, or in the evening with a good mole.

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