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The Pros and Cons of Fast Weight Loss



Among the rising health issues that are plaguing the wealthy western countries in modern times is obesity. It contributes to possibly life-threatening ailments such as heart ailments, strokes, cardiac arrests and atherosclerosis. Due to greater consciousness levels, obese individuals finally realize the demands and positive advantages of losing weight that will guarantee a fit body.

There are numerous natural and artificial ways of losing weight. It’s all up to you to pick which method you are going to feel more familiar with. Within this column I will list the advantages and disadvantages of this many fast weight reduction processes.

Papers, magazines or the Internet will help you with tempting ads of fast weight loss plans, plans and miracle remedies.

The majority of those so called rapid weight loss magic remedies are a waste of cash, ineffective, and frequently cause strong side effects which pose grave health risks. The side effects may be deadly at times since they culminate strokes and cardiac arrests leading to raised blood pressure.

A number of the rapid weight loss magic herbs, miracle pills and nutritional supplements weight loss supplements that claim to lower your weight for you, without needing to move a finger, include chemicals and medications which are disapproved by FDA.

The herbal fast weight loss pills and nutritional supplements, that claim to be more powerful than their chemical counterparts within their vibrant but deceptive commercials, are much more toxic and can result in potentially life threatening heart disorders. No wonder, physicians always discourage this habit of popping pills and nutritional supplements to treat obesity.

Gimmicky fad diets such as ATKINS, RAW FOOD, THE ZONE, SOUTH BEACH, SUBWAY, MIAMI, DETOX, GENERAL MOTORS diet, 3 DAY DIETS, 7 DAY DIETS, CRASH DIETS etc that are supported by Hollywood actors are incredibly effective in shedding flab drastically However, they cause malnutrition and are slammed by physicians.

Physicians, nutritionists, fitness experts and health care journals voice that losing 1 to 2 pounds each week is called normal and comment perdre du poids rapidements based on medical criteria. Anything more than that limitation is insecure.

So keep miles away from diminishing centers that shout WE GUARANTEE 5 KG WEIGHT LOSS IN 5 DAYS within their deceptive advertisements. They may use vibrators to decrease weight radically that can perennially harm your gut organs.

Your physician may advise FDA approved medication, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck and bariatric surgeries, but only as long as your situation is serious, and the rest of the healthier weight reduction plans have failed.

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