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The Sweet Yet Deadly Addiction of Candy



Everywhere you go we look we’re tempted by a little sweet treat often known as candy. It’s found in almost any store that sells a certain amount of food. There is no escape. Yet for many of us, we have a tendency mind savoring the sweetness of chocolate or the very simple pleasantness of a jellybean or mint. But , this mortal addiction is one of the many reasons why our bodies are shutting decrease and we’re allowing it to happen.

Chocolates, jellybeans, mints, each one of these candies are made with chemicals and refined sugar. Sugar stocks and manufacturers know this. They know that we can’t just simply walk away from sugary sweets and even if we did, they obscure it in everything else. From mayonnaise to bread to help crackers, sugar is in almost everything.

So what’s so bad with regards to the refined sugar that’s found in our favorite candies? For one, carbohydrates has no nutritional value. It has no candy b vitamins or minerals. So they must do nothing for our health. What it does do however is may help vitamins and minerals that our body stores. Once the sugar uses up all of our body’s nutrients, it begins to raise the insulin level in the blood. Then, our immune system begins to break down, putting check out risk for diabetes and obesity.

Refined sugar can also bring about:

  • o Ovarian problems
  • o Premature aging
  • o Dental decay
  • o Increase risk of Crohn’s disease
  • o Osteo-arthritis
  • o Asthma
  • o Yeast infections
  • o Gallstones
  • o Appendicitis
  • o Multiple sclerosis
  • o Hemorrhoids
  • o Varicose veins
  • i Raise cholesterol levels
  • o Increase the risk of Parkinson’s sickness
  • o Damage the pancreas
  • o Migraine headaches
  • o Major depression
  • o Kidney damage

Sugar is not the only culprit that is definitely deadly in many of the candies that we eat. Corn syrup is another deadly ingredient found in our favorite sweets. In many ways hammer toe syrup is much worse. That’s because the stuff heads immediately for your liver. And just like sugar, corn syrup was in almost everything.

The only way we can eliminate the dangers of sugar and corn syrup is by removing candy from our diet and all of our family’s diet. It might not be easy at first, but that deadly addiction can be stopped in its tracks. If you necessitie something sweet, fruit is a wonderful alternative. Just make sure it’s inside the natural state and not sweetened with other ingredients. Healthy feeding on is essential for the best life possible.

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