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Thought occasionally of stupidity a human being makes in life? One moment that affects one’s destiny and entire life.

  • – Happy Years
  • – Merry Days
  • – They had flown!

By injury found a tiny cross of garnet in the protagonist of this publication, prompted an avalanche of lost memories. There were times of greatest joy, when he was young and fell in love. She telephoned everything happened like in a Baixar Filmes Gratis , he met beautiful girl, became friend with her brother along with all family, went to a duel to shield her honesty. She loved him and wished to marry him. They had been gifted by exceptional happy hours.

As in everybody’s life there has been a time to encounter to inevitable power forces stem from unidentified devil habitation, these ones came to him. Pretty and vamp girls in mission to get her *chase*.The sole aim of her is to catch up and defeat-with a power to be an attribute of Demon.

And as every entrapped chase, he was not able to run away from pounces of wicked. I give myself freedom to mention it : bad. Perhaps, he got some pleasant moments with her, but at precisely the same time he lost the entire life was waiting for him. It becomes visible on the conclusion of the narrative.

He never found Great and Genuinely Love for his lifetime.

I was creating a parallel to my life in pursuit of one lost Love too. Believe me, there is a Truth: I had been at a really major LOVE, the best love somebody can meet. There was a nightfall, a kiss, love at the very first sight, love you have been going mad! Appreciate you can’t live without! By this distance/there have been a long time ago/I can tell it looks like a Star that has been shining and expired for many time. I remember its Beauty; it appears to me like a frame for film. Gone forever!

Butfortunately,what we Human Beings have been granted, is continued group of modifications that in every moment of our life sprouts a fresh beginning-new notion, new idea, new assembly, new Joy new expertise, new Love… And as time carries away pain for losing a dear ,the exact same to be occurring with lost Love.

Only, if it was a real grand Love, unique in its Power, a feeling of Guilt has never disappeared ! Guilt seals you because you can not erase out of your head the Beauty of a distant meeting ,knowing inside of yourself Big and Passionate Love it was.

I’ve understanding of this Author’s main character in this book. To be convicted to live alone by the rest of your life then with grace of God to receive signs of getting connected with lost loving ladies, give you a chance to encase your items and go out to the world in hope you’ll be permitted to dwell in the near of her.

Is there a conclusion?

It feels like brilliant and surprising events make their looks and say: Everything of Great value it’s possible to achieve ,do not take quite a while. Just like a Falling Shining Star looks at the night sky and vanishes -you have been gifted to view its Beauty; someone never was .One blissful moment on your life as soon as you have been left to look at traces of a fire-ball’s trail losing their shine.

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