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Tiki Poles Tell a Story



Of course, everybody has heard of totem poles but what comes to most peoples heads is the classic totem poles that Indian tribes of North America and Canada used. But; the truth is that a number of ancient peoples that occupied Pacific islands also used similar poles that are now commonly known as tiki poles.

A Way of Record Keeping

Really what they contain isn’t random but instead, each tiki rod would be a listing, so to speak, which would keep tabs on things like household or clan lineages. However; for somebody today who is looking for the ideal decoration for their tiki bar one can perform no better than a good tiki pole.

They come in all sizes and shapes, from larger tiki poles that can take up a corner at a tiki bar, to tiki pole fashion bar stools that pub patrons or guests will simply love. However; do not bother looking around at your local mall or furniture shop for tiki poles, as your broadest selection will be online.

Always Go Natural

Remember it is so important in a truly authentic tiki bar or tiki hut that things along this line be made of natural materials. The last thing that you would like is a tiki pole which was made from plastic in China.

Think Out of the Box

Also there is a wide section of tiki masks that really do compliment Tiki Hut Rethatch quite nicely which are available from the exact same online providers. Bear in mind, however, that you don’t wish to confine your tiki bar decorations strictly to tiki masks and tiki poles.

Get Creative

Feel free to get creative with things such as pieces of old fishing web with shells stuck inside it hanging from your ceiling. Old fishing tackle and older nautical instruments, such as boats steering wheels work great too for wall decorations. Of course, you’re also want to stock all the most up-to-date and greatest tiki bar drinking and mixing utensils too to finish off the complete tiki effect.

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