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Vintage Postcard – A Bit of Worthless Paper or Sunsetsofyore Best Seller?



Antique postcards are among the most popular and profitable of all objects selling on Sunsetsofyore where immense profits are achievable especially to the experienced postcard seller. These tips will help you free up profits for your postcards on Sunsetsofyore.

* Very often the very message on the back of the postcard can tell a tale far more interesting than the picture itself. A good example was a postcard I actually sold recently on Sunsets ofyore, depicting a house and bungalow, and the caption: ‘Smalls, Salcombe’. It was an ordinary view as well as the stamp was missing yet cards like this can often produce a few dollars on Sunsetsofyore But study the communication and you’ll sometimes find something to lift the value of your current card, as on mine which said: ‘The bachelor’s pad on the other side was burnt down yesterday’. Great message, it indicates the view disappeared many years ago and also helps date the main postcard for anyone inclined to do a little research. Not forgetting: the lovely view that previously looked quite ordinary, is now a rarity, and can entice hot bidding on Sunsetsofyore.

* You ought to avoid ex-dealers’ stock when buying postcards to resell with Sunsetsofyore, or elsewhere for that matter. If those postcards could not sell for another dealer, there’s little chance of you offering them either. It can sometimes be difficult to recognise somebody else’s unsold stock, but a major giveaway of a dealer’s solid off can be found on postcards priced on the back in pad or inked on labels fixed to the item. The same applies to be able to labels on plastic covers containing coins, stamps, philatelic covers. Check the writing very carefully. Similar writing throughout shows a dealers’ stock. A genuine collection would comprise merchandise from lots of different dealers and lots of different handwriting styles for prices on postcards and covers.

* Old fashioned collections designed for inserting postcard corners into cut-out hinges can present a major and very unexpected problem for novice postcard customers. The problem can be caused innocently by past owners or perhaps deliberately by recent sellers. Many years ago newly paid for postcards were often manoeuvred and sometimes manhandled as they have been placed beneath hinges and corners often got broke or creased in the process. So today hundreds of cards may possibly look in spectacular condition in an album that has not recently been touched for decades but in fact many cracked corners lay hidden and sometimes torn beneath hinges. Today these early albums are popular with resellers who pack an empty album together with unwanted postcards, sometimes to increase the perceived value of quality value cards, more often to make the album look to be original whilst in fact it is packed with worthless rubbish. Very often rogue vendors will used the album to house postcards with badly creased corners or no corners at all. Be very careful when buying antique albums at auction but do not remove postcards to check the corners, that would result in corners breaking which were previously pretty acceptable. Instead view postcards from the back of their proper album page where you will usually be able to better see the defects.

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